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Howling Saints @ Control

Howling Saints @ Control

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Bucuresti, Control Club

8 Martie 2009

Romanian Post-Punk/Gothic Rock band, formed in Bucharest during the
autumn of 2006 by Vlad (lead guitar, backing vocals), Stefan (bass
guitar) and Mircea (drums). They were later joined by Liv Decay
(vocals, rhythm guitar).


Howling Saints toured Bucharest in the 2007-2008 season, playing
with The Eternal Fall, MONOZID, Devilish Presley, Romantic Jurgen,
Vaduva Bob & James Deamons.


In March 2008, the band released a 3-track demo CD titled “Next Dog
Session” and, in August of the same year, the demo received positive
review by journalist Mick Mercer.

Howling Saints live

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