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Casino Phoenicia

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Casino Phoenicia

Situated in Bucharest, near Baneasa Airport, on the lower floor of the Phoenicia Grand Hotel, your adventure starts in this ‘Vegas’ style casino the moment that you step through the entrance. The elegance and style of the 1400 m2 gives you an abundance of choice. Play Roulette, Blackjack and all forms of Poker or try our new slot machines and make Casino Phoenicia an attraction not to be missed.
Scintillating special moments can be found at our weekend parties, where the delicious food and excellent music makes a harmonious mood, just right for tempting your chance at the tables or slots.
Your memories will treasure the unforgettable evenings spent at one of the most elegant Casinos in Romania, Casino Phoenicia Bucharest.

Adresa: Bucuresti, Bd. Av. Alexandru Serbanescu, Nr. 87 Baneasa, Romaero, Phoenicia Grand Hotel

Tel: 031 425 10 79

Fax: 021 310 13 50