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The Absinth Bar

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The Absinth Bar

Traditiile creative ale trecutului acordate cu necesitatile de confort si tehnologiile contemporane intr-un bar unic din inima Bucurestiului Istoric. Absinth, licoarea magica a artistilor aducand acum o viziune hedonista asupra vietii. Un classic cocktail-bar completat cu multiple branduri de Absinth, atmosfera relaxata si familiara, petreceri tematice si animatoare, display-uri de 42" pentru evenimentele tale preferate, si in plus...vino si descopera!   Warm-up or cool down! Get together and get funky! Our thematic party bar will stir up your imagination, will lift up your mood and will be recorded in your memory as an unbelievable fun and relaxing moment! All that at the altar of Absinth, the Green Fairy, the mystical muse of the old times, of Picasso, van Gogh, Hemingway and many other great names! Why not you and your friends too?

Adresa: Bucuresti, Str. Stefan Mihaileanu, Nr. 53

Tel: 021 320 66 21, 0724 659 729


  • Duminica-Joi: 16:00-00:00
  • Vineri-Sambata: 14:00-04:00


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