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The Address Club & Lounge

The Place to BE!!

The Address Club & Lounge

The location welcomes you with a mix of styles, the old building against modern interior design touches, the urban-industrial atmosphere against well preserved original architectural elements and finishes that go back as far as year 1800.   The urban elements such as address plaques, traffic signs and street lights, all become decorative details inside the eclectic architecture with an industrial touch of the 30’s scenery.   Inside the location, one can easily spot small parts of history and culture of many places in the world, just by looking at the furniture, like a little something that will make you feel like “déjà-vu” and will make you say: “been there, done that!”   The club is a place where you can socialize, have fun, enjoy a psychedelic, vibrant atmosphere, a place designed to fulfill all the expectations that one could possibly have in matters of entertainment.   Urban dynamics is present inside the place and brought to life by an ingenious interior design element, a car, which reminds one of the busy streets and the tumult outside.   The Address is definitely the hot spot of the area, that point on the entertainment map to which all the directions lead, the place where you can find the best parties and the nicest people to mix and mingle with!

Adresa: Bucuresti, covaci nr 3 centrul vechi

Tel: 0736 359.359


  • Luni-Sambata: 18:00-05:00
  • Duminica: 05:00-


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